Table 2A

CDSN chromosomes occurring with >2% frequency; haplotype alignment

5′ regionCoding3′UTR
*Allele number according to the classification of CDSN coding haplotypes proposed by Guerrin et al.27
I (Allele 1.11)*cttaccg (Ser)t (Phe)a (Ser)t (Ser)c (Ser)g (Asp)gtt
II (Allele 1.21)cttaccg (Ser)t (Phe)g (Gly)t (Ser)c (Ser)g (Asp)gtt
III (Allele 1.4)cttaccg (Ser) c (Ser) a (Ser)t (Ser)c (Ser)g (Asp). . .gtt
IV (Allele 2.11) t g c ac t g (Ser)t (Phe)a (Ser)t (Ser) t (Leu) g (Asp) aag t c c
V (Allele 2.2)c a t g t t a (Asn) t (Phe)a (Ser)t (Ser) t (Leu) a (Asn) aag t c c
VI (Allele 1.5) t g c ac t g (Ser)t (Phe)a (Ser) g (Ala) c (Ser)g (Asp). . . t tt