Table 1

Mean time (in weeks) to infection by allele type/combination

Allele combinationSample sizeNumber censored*Mean time (weeks) to infection95% confidence limits
*Number of children infection free at termination of study.
All infants110144841 to 55
ε2/ε240130 to 26
ε2/ε31534531 to 59
ε2/ε4915526 to 85
ε3/ε34455140 to 62
ε3/ε43234329 to 56
ε4/ε4626645 to 87
ε2 absent82104941 to 58
ε2 present2844431 to 57
ε3 absent1935132 to 69
ε3 present91114840 to 55
ε4 absent6384839 to 57
ε4 present4764837 to 59