Table 3

Quantitative RT-PCR validation of selected genes/transcripts studied using microarrays

†CT is the threshold PCR cycle which represents the cycle at which the fluorescence signal exceeds a baseline level. The threshold baseline is set at the narrowest point in the linear part of the amplification curve following recommended guidelines. The numbers represent an average (SD) calculated from six replicate RT-PCR reactions per subject.
‡Fold change in expression equals 2 (X–C), where X = the CT from the Deletion or UPD and C = the CT from the Control.
*Significant difference compared to the control, p<0.05.
**Significant difference compared to the control, p<0.01.
***Significant difference compared to the control, p<0.001.
C = Control comparison subject, D = PWS subject with deletion, U = PWS subject with UPD.
WI-15193CT† (SD)27.8 (0.15)28.1 (0.88)28.7 (0.01)**
(U<D&C)Fold change‡−1.23−1.87
WI-18493CT (SD)27.1 (0.15)27.0 (0.19)27.9 (0.39)**
(U<D&C)Fold change+1.07−1.87
GABRB3 CT (SD)24.7 (0.20)26.1 (0.38)**25.4 (0.36)**
(Paternal bias)Fold change−2.64−1.63
WI-6527CT (SD)37.8 (0.50)37.3 (0.14)38.2 (0.45)
(D>C & U)Fold change+1.41−1.32
SHGC-32610CT (SD)27.4 (0.19)27.9 (0.24)**26.3 (0.35)**
(Maternal bias)Fold change−1.41+2.14
D38449CT (SD)32.5 (0.51)32.6 (0.21)29.9 (0.48)***
(Maternal bias)Fold change−1.07+6.06