Table 1

Seventy-three genes/transcripts from chromosome 15 spotted on our custom made microarray*

*Signals unable to amplify from lymphoblast or brain cDNA: WI-18351, HO2863, sts-H58001, STSG15842. Signals amplified from brain cDNA but not detected on array: GABRG3, A007E33, WI-16777, sts-N35112, sts-Y00757.
Proximal to D15S1035SHGC-32610, MYLE, A002B45, NIB1540
D15S1035 - D15S122ZNF127, WI-15987, NDN, MAGEL2, SGC44643, WI-15028, WI-13791, SNRPN, AA258222, R99003, PAR5, stSG12920, WI-6780, sts-N21972, WI-14946, IPW, PAR1, SHGC-308, WI-6654, Cda0jb12, WI-11918
D15S122- D15S156UBE3A, WI-16777, ATP10C, GABRB3, GABRA5, GABRG3
D15S156-D15S165OCA2, HERC2, WI-6527, sts-T53143, sts-H73492, A007E33, STSG3316, STSG10131, STSG15956, SGC33431, SGC35687
D15S165-D15S144sts-N35472, SHGC-31211, WI-18157, Cda1if10, A006O15, stSG42878, D13638
D15S144-D15S118WI-15231, SGC33497, SGC30306, SGC35611, A005N08, WI-14003, BCD2917
Distal to D15S118WI-18493, 38449, R32464, WI-17962, H81848, Bda98d12, H66974, WI-15193, SHGC-30973, SHGC-13414, SHGC-17227, FIBRILLIN, Fb3a9, Cda01b10, UTE-9875, Bdac5a05, STSG4005