Table 1

Clinical characteristics, predicted genes, and genotypes of LQTS patients

CharacteristicKCNQ1 (n=10)KCNH2 (n=18)SCN5A (n=3)No mutation (n=9)
*Based on mutation analysis.
†0–9 y: KCNQ1 more probable, >9 y: KCNH2 or SCN5A probable, but other criteria more important for assignment.
‡More than one trigger/patient is possible.
§Including noise.
¶Based on all phenotypic information.
**Including one compound KCNQ1/SCN5A mutation carrier.
††Including one compound heterozygous KCNQ1 mutation carrier.
‡‡Including one homozygous KCNQ1 mutation carrier.
§§Including one homozygous KCNH2 mutation carrier.
Age of onset†
    0–9 y5††3§§2
    >9 y5**/‡‡1537
ECG morphology
Predicted gene to be mutated¶