Table 1

Studies of subtelomeres in patients with idiopathic mental retardation

TechniquePersons testedPersons with telomeric defect
Flint et al7Hypervariable DNA polymorphism993 (6%)
Viot et al159Multiprobe FISH174 (23.0%)
Vorsanova et al60Multiprobe FISH2098 (3.8%)
Knight et al8Multiprobe FISH46622 (4.7%)
Lamb et al161Multiprobe FISH431 (2.3%)
Slavotinek et al125Multiprobe FISH272 (7.4%)
Ballif et al34FISH probes1544 (2.6%)
Rossi et al12Multiprobe FISH20013 (6.5%)
Riegel et al15Multiprobe FISH25413 (5%)
Borgione et al148Multiprobe FISH + microsatellite302 (6.6%)
Joyce et al162Multiprobe FISH2000 (0%)
Rio et al14Microsatellite markers15016 (10.7%)
Rosenberg et al80Microsatellite markers1205 (4%)
Sismani et al73Multiprobe FISH + MAPH701 (1.4%)
Joly et al33CGH + multiprobe FISH145 (35.7%)
Clarkson et al31Multiprobe FISH502 (4%)
Anderlid et al32Multiprobe FISH11110 (9%)
Baker et al23Multiprobe FISH2509 (4%)
Karnebeek et al163Multiprobe FISH1841 (0.5%)
Helias-Rodzewicz et al30Multiprobe FISH333 (9.1%)
Total2570124 (4.8%)