Table 1

Results of the FISH analysis to characterise the extent of chromosome 3 derived DNA on the marker described here in comparison with the marker chromosomes described by Portnoï et al1 and Kroisel et al6

Absence (−)/presence (+) of FISH signal on the der(3) chromosome of the patient described
Probes used for FISH analysisMarkerGenBank Accession numberAssignment to band on chromosome 3This studyPortnoï et al1Kroisel et al6
*The additional material is attached distally to the subtelomeric end at 3q thus forming an elongated 3q+ chromosome.
KNG (Kininogen precursor gene).
ND: not determined.
+, ++, +++ single, double, triple FISH signal.
YAC 806d8D3S3520q26.31ND+*
YAC 760f3D3S3699q26.32+++*
YAC 781f8D3S513ND+++++*
YAC 906c11D3S1571q27.1NDND
YAC 909d10KNGq28NDND
YAC 883d12KNGq28ND+++++*
BAC RP11-814o5D3S3076AC062008q28NDND
BAC RP11-634l24AC041034q28++
BAC RP11-69j10AC026518q29++
BAC RP11-221n10AC067896q29++
BAC RP11-496h1AC024560q29++
YAC 763e7D3S1272q29++NDND
YAC 919f12D3S1272q29NDNDND