Table 1

Clinical features of affected patients in FSNF families 1 and 2

Family 1Family 2
C=cervical; T=thoracal; L=lumbar; ND=no data.
III.3 did not have any spinal neurofibromas 10 years ago, current status unknown.
*One histology proven neurofibroma. †Not biopsied. ‡5 mm tumour right frontal lobe. Unidentified bright object? Cerebral peduncle?
Age (now)Died at 70Died at 5646451568454339987
>6 CAL (>15 mm)++++++++++++12/12
Spinal neurofibromas++ T+ L, T?+ C, T, L+ C, T, L+ C, T, L+ C, T, LND7/10
Cutaneous/plexiform neurofibromasND?4*1†2/10
Lisch nodulesND?0/10
Other findingsMRI‡