Table 5

TP53 R72P genotypes in MPC and BC families by BRCA1/2 mutation status

MPC (n=43)BC (n=84)
TP53 genotypeNo(%)No(%)OR 95% CI
P/* = R72P or P72P.
Three women in the sample set had both a BRCA1 and a BRCA2 mutation.
BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation
    R/R19(83)7(44)6.1 (1.4, 26.4)
BRCA1 mutation
    R/R16(80)3(43)5.3 (0.83, 34.1)
BRCA2 mutation
    R/R5(83)4(44)6.3 (0.50, 77.5)
No detectable mutation
    R/R16(80)44(65)2.2 (0.66, 7.3)