Table 2

Low frequency findings

    Genu recurvatum
    Genu valgum
    Genu varum
    Leg length discrepancy
    Rotational deformities of the legs
    Osgood-Schlatter’s disease
    Osteochondritis dissecans of the lateral femoral condyle
    Prominent medial femoral condyles
    Underdeveloped lateral femoral condyles
    Widening or deepening of the intercondylar femoral notch
    Absence or hypoplasia of the anterior cruciate ligaments
    Presence of an abnormal band dividing the supra patella pouch
    Narrow iliac wings
    Flared iliac wings
    Small iliac bones
    Square iliac blades
    Relative overgrowth of ischium
    Scalloped margin of the iliac bone
    Spina bifida occulta (cervical and lumbar)
    Lumbosacral segmentation defect
    An extra lumbar vertebra
    Fused sacroiliac joints
    Fusion of the fifth lumbar and first sacral joint
    Dural ectasia
    Degenerative changes of the spine
Ankles and feet
    Metatarsus adductus
    Metatarsus valgus
    Supination of the forefoot
    Fusion of cuboid and navicular bones
    Prominent medial malleoli
    Narrow sloping shoulders
    Dislocatable shoulders
    Small scapulae
    Raised and abnormally orientated scapulae
    Thick lateral margins of the scapulae
    Prominent acromioclavicular joints
    Inferiorly subluxed humeral heads
    Hypoplastic glenoid with a flattened humeral head