Table 3

Summary of missense and nonsense mutations identified through sequence analysis of 95 men with prostate cancer from 75 PCGP families. All mutations were identified through sequence analysis, and five of the substitutions were previously reported by Carpten et al3

ExonPrimer pairAmino acid changeNucleotide substitutionNo of affecteds identified with mutation
*Novel mutation in this report.
2RNASEL2G59SG175A1 (PCGP 1115-02)
2RNASEL2I97LA289C2 (PCGP 345-02 and 392-02)
2RNASEL3V247MG739A1 (PCGP 168-01)*
2RNASEL4E265XG793T1 (PCGP 1115-02)