Table 1

Characteristics of the 75 PCGP families analysed for RNASEL mutations. Criteria used to describe evidence for prostate cancer linkage to 1q24-25 markers are described in the Material and methods

No of familiesNo of family members with prostate cancerNo of African American families
*All affected family members from three of these families were sequenced for RNASEL mutations.
Families with high evidence for linkage to 1q24-25193.1 ± 0.64
Families with moderate evidence for linkage to 1q24-25 markers115.6 ± 3.88
Families with low evidence for linkage to 1q24-25 markers94.4 ± 1.64
Families with no linkage data*365.3 ± 2.30
Total754.7 ± 2.416