Table 3

Additional findings in the ischio-pubic-patella syndrome compared with the five cases presented

FindingThis report (n=5)Sandhaus et al3 (n=1)Koslowski and Nelson4 (n=1)*Habboub and Thneibet5 (n=1)Azouz and Koslowski6 (n=1)
+ present; − absent; ? not mentioned in report.
*Two patients were reported in this paper, But detailed clinical and radiological findings were only available in one (patient 1), and it is the findings in this patient that are summarised here.
†TEV = talipes equinovarus.
‡Mansour et al.7
§A third patient had bilateral clavicular hooks suggestive of radial ray abnormalities such as dislocated radial heads, but unfortunately elbow and forearm views were not available to confirm this.
    Hypoplastic or dysplastic4/4+
    Low lying–/4+
    Mild/moderate scoliosis2/5+?
    Severe scoliosis3/5?
    Lumbar lordosis3/5++?
    Sandal gap–/2+?
    Pes planus–/2+?
Mild bowing of tibia and fibula2/2?
Relatively short fibula2/2?
Antegonial mandibular notch‡1/1???
Dysmorphic face5/5++
Hypoplastic phalanges of hands2/2+?+
Flattened/absent epiphyses4/5+?
Dislocated/subluxed radial heads2/2§+?
Cleft/high palate2/5++++
Hyperlaxity of joints–/5+
Motor delay2/5++
Speech delay3/5+
Recurrent childhood respiratory infections4/5++