Table 1

Facial features in the ischio-pubic-patella syndrome compared with the five cases presented

Facial findingThis report (n=5)Sandhaus et al3 (n=1)Koslowski and Nelson4 (n=1*)Habboub and Thneibet5 (n=1)Azouz and Koslowski6 (n=1)
+ present; − absent.
*Two patients were reported in this paper, but clinical findings were only available in one (patient 1) and it is the findings in this patient that are summarised here.
Broad/depressed nasal bridge5+
Epicanthic folds5+
Relative macrocephaly5+
Long/prominent philtrum5++
Low set ears3++
High/cleft palate3++++
Anteverted, flared nares2+