Table 1

Clinical assessment findings

Positive findings from assessmentIQ testing
SubjectSexAge (y.m)Positive findings from assessmentVerbalPerfFSSummary formulation
*Inversion present. †On methylphenidate for past two years. Perf = performance IQ. FS = full scale IQ.
1*M13.9Developmental concerns from 18/12; severe behavioural disturbance and learning difficulties; multiple neuro-developmental delays; conduct disturbance; features of anxiety and depression.564848Moderate intellectual disabilty; marked impulsivity, conduct disturbance
2*F9. 3Behavioural problems from pre-school age; delayed short term auditory memory, poor fine motor skills697770Consistent with treated ADHD (combined type)†
3M12.6Learning difficulties, poor impulse control676664Learning difficulties
4*F12.2Learning difficulties; impulsive, uncooperative; delayed short term auditory memory.747874Mild intellectual disability; impulsivity, behavioural disturbance
5F10.4104100101Normal child
6*M15.6Behavioural disturbance, learning difficulties.83Borderline intellectual function with behavioural disturbance
7M12.8Aggression, withdrawn, low self-esteem; onset 8 y; delayed short term auditory memory9010496Emotional disturbance
8M11.4Learning difficulties739180Learning difficulties