Table 1

N-ras mutations and MC1R variants in human spontaneous dysplastic naevi

Patient NoGenderAgeLesion (mm)Location/ subtype% of AMSkin typeNaevus colourN-ras mutationMC1R variant
NA = information not available; % of AM = % of histologically characterised atypical melanocytes in the respective DMN lesion; subtype = histological subtype: CN = compound naevus, JN = junction naevus.
1Female336Back CN10NALight brownNoR151C
2Female49NAUpper leg CN10IIBrownNoNo
3Female399Back CN20NADark brownNoNo
4Male13NDBack CN5NABrownNoNo
5Female37NAUpper arm CN5NABrownNoNo
6Male295Back CN30IIDark brownNoR151C
7Male553Ear JN40NADark brownNoNo
8Male19NABreast CN1NANANoNo
9Female26NABack CN5NANANoD84E
10Female23NANA CN10NANANoNo
11Male354Back CN5NABrownNoNo
12Male35NABack CN5NABrownNoNo
13Female38NABack CN10NANANoNo
14Female275Upper leg JN20NABrownNoNo
15Male544Back CN10NADark brownNoNo
16Female233Upper leg JN5NADark brownNoV92M
17Female47NAFlank CN5NABrownNoNo
18Female33NABack JN10NANACAA (Q) to AAA (K)No
19Female19NASole CN5NANANoNo