Table 1

Comparison of sociodemographic, family history, and psychological variables between intervention and control groups at baseline

Receive tape (n=98)Not receive tape (n=95)
AgeMean 45 yMean 44 y
Disease status
Family history
    Breast cancer only75%75%
    Breast/ovarian cancer24%25%
Allied health training
    Below HSC47%50%
    Above HSC53%49%
Total relatives diagnosed or diedMedian 2Median 2
Psychological measures
    Baseline anxiety scoreMedian 6.0Median 7.0
    Baseline depression scoreMedian 4.0Median 5.0
    Baseline intrusionMedian 12.0Median 11.0
    Baseline avoidanceMedian 14.0Median 14.0
    Baseline knowledgeMedian 6.0Median 5.0
Miller's scale
Risk perception