Table 3

Statistical summary for the different logistic regression models†

ModelVariablesLikelihood ratio test‡ (p value) −2logL AIC Goodness of fit (p value)Number of cases/ controls
†All possible combinations were tested; the four models shown were the best candidates.
‡The test statistic is for testing the difference between the fitted model and the model without gene effects.
1HTR2C+HTR724.9578 (<0.0001)192.378202.3785.4955 (0.3584)82/75
2HTR2A+HTR2C+HTR723.9032 (0.0005)160.395174.3955.2578 (0.5112)74/60
3HTR2A+HTR2C+HTR6+HTR720.9882 (0.0072)140.255158.2553.8390 (0.7981)70/49
4HTR2A+HTR2C+HTR5A+HTR6+HTR723.7910 (0.0082)134.215156.2157.0784 (0.4208)67/49