Table 3

Clinical details of the children with auditory neuropathy

SubjectsHearing lossAudiogram shapeABRCMOAEVestibular testing
ABR=auditory brainstem response; CM=cochlear microphonics; OAE=otoacoustic emissions; DNT=did not test; +=present bilaterally; −=absent bilaterally; R=right; L=left; RC=rotary chair was normal; BC=bithermal calorics was normal.
1802–6Severe-profoundBowl shapedDNT+RC
1802–4SevereFlatDNTR +4–8 kHz, L absentRC
1802–1Severe-profoundBowl shaped+R +6 kHz, L absentRC, BC
2117–2Severe-profoundGradually slopingR + L DNT+RC
2117–1Moderate-severeBowl shaped++RC
2821–2Severe-profoundBowl shapedR + L DNTDNT