Table 2

Clinical data of the 13 affected members of the family with hereditary benign telangiectasia

IndividualSexAge at examination (years)Number of lesions (size, maximum diameter)Distribution
M, male; F, female.
II:2M682 (~2 cm)Upper back
II:4M712 (~1 cm and ~5 cm)Right shoulder and back
II:5F781 (~2 cm)Right periocular region
II:7M801 (~2 cm)Forehead
III:1F38>10 (1–6 cm)Neck, thorax, back, left armpit
III:2F352 (2–3 cm)Right foot and right shoulder
III:3F302 (~2 cm)Right leg, wrist
III:4M412 (4–5 cm)Both legs
III:5F394 (1–3 cm)Left arm and leg
III:7F534 (2 cm)Right ear, right shoulder, neck
III:10F506 (1–3 cm)right leg, both arms
III:12F405 (1–3 cm)Both legs, left arm
IV:1F65 (~2 cm)Forehead, neck, upper lip, thorax