Table 2

Decreased initial intraocular pressure in M98K+ patients: effect of removal of patients carrying a MYOCILIN mutation

IOP (mm Hg)*
MYOCILIN status†M98K§M98K§p‡
*Intraocular pressure at the time of diagnosis, before initiation of treatments.
†All cases: all patients were considered, regardless of their MYOC mutation status; wt MYOC: only patients with a normal MYOC sequence were analysed.
‡Exact p value of the Mann–Whitney test.
§Mean±standard deviation (number of patients).
NS, not significant.
All cases
    France25.9±3.6 (11)§32.3±9.5 (179)§0.0097
    Morocco32.3±5.9 (6)37.3±11.0 (50)NS
    Pooled28.2±5.4 (17)33.4±10.1 (229)0.0052
    France26.2±3.6 (10)31.5±8.9 (166)0.033
    Morocco32.3±5.9 (6)36.6±9.9 (49)NS
    Pooled28.5±5.4 (16)32.7±9.4 (215)0.017