Table 3

PCR/restriction digest analysis of sequence family variants in the AZFc region

STSRestriction enzymeBAC clonesFragment sizes (bp) after restriction
*The submitted sequence of the chromosome 1 derived BAC clone RP11-560I18 (AC053522) does not show a Tsp509I restriction site within the genomic fragment amplified by the primer pair SKY10. Restriction analysis of fragments amplified from male and female genomic DNA, from a somatic cell hybrid line containing chromosome 1 as the only chromosome of human origin, and from the BAC RP11-560I18 also shows two fragments of ∼180 bp and ∼155 bp, indicating a sequence error in the complete sequence of the BAC clone.
SKY10Tsp509I487K20279, 50
SKY11NlaIII245K04217, 154, 79, 19
506M09233, 221, 15
SKY12MseI245K0488, 57, 39, 32
506M09145, 39, 32
SKY13Cac8I/TfiI100J2197, 83, 23
589P14175, 23
251M0897, 50, 33, 23