Table 1

Adult height comparison of patients and their sibs

CaseCountry of originHeight of patient (cm) and SDSNational height standard (cm)Heights of family members (cm) and SDS
The standard deviation score (SDS) was calculated based on the equation: SDS = (X-M)/SD, where X is a person's adult height and M and SD are the mean adult height and the 1 SD of the normal male population, respectively. (M) mother, (F) father, (S) sister, (B) brother. Patients are over 21 years of age.
293USA157 (SDS −2.9)176.9(F) 170
Short(SD 6.8)(M) Normal
(B) Normal
Y0308USA165.1 (SDS −1.7)176.9(F) 170.1
Borderline/(SD 6.8)(M) 170.1
short(B) 188 (SDS +1.7)
(S) 167.6 (SDS −0.4)
JOLARUK168 (SDS −1.0)174.7(F) Normal
Normal(SD 6.7)(M) Normal
(B) Normal
28Italy175 (SDS −0.3)176.7(F) Normal
Normal(SD 6.5)(M) Normal
63Ethiopia170 (SDS +0.3)168.0(F) Normal
Normal(SD 7.4)(M) Normal
95Israel185 (SDS +1.4)175.6(F) Normal
Normal(SD 6.8)(M) Normal
TMBelgium182 (SDS +1.3)173.5(F) Normal
Normal(SD 6.7)(M) Normal
1947Germany175 (SDS −0.8)179.9(F) Normal
Normal(SD 6.4)(M) Normal
1972Germany181 (SDS +0.2)179.9175 (F)
Normal(SD 6.4)165 (M)
172 (S) (SDS +1.0)