Table 2

Haplotype frequencies in controls: ethnicity/country of origin of control chromosomes

Country of residenceTotalA haplotype (%)G haplotype (%)
*For Canadian controls, ethnicity/country of origin was defined by birth place of parents or grandparents. Thus we were able to match Canadian controls to US and UK cases, as both these groups were likely to have western European origins. In the case of Ashkenazi Jewish (AJ) controls, birth place was not included. Unless indicated as AJ, Canadian controls did not report AJ origins.
†“Other European” included southern Europeans (n=56), eastern Europeans (n=34), and mixed non-French, non-British European ancestry (n=18).
The Netherlands306187 (61.1)119 (38.9)
Switzerland216132 (61.1)84 (38.9)
    Ashkenazi Jewish7646 (60.5)30 (39.5)
    British6847 (69.1)21 (30.9)
    French/French Canadian3017 (56.6)13 (43.3)
    Other European†10860 (55.6)48 (44.4)
Canada (total)282170 (60.2)112 (39.7)
Totals804489 (60.8)315 (39.2)