Table 3

Summary of 8q BAC FISH results using clone order derived from the August 2001 freeze of the Human Genome Browser. Clones bordering breakpoint are in bold type. Position on chromosome 8q: 103 750 000 bp-105 050 000 bp

Accession NoBAC cloneSequence statusSize (bp)Known genesFISH result
AC068510RP11-662E237 fragments192155Proximal
AC027258RP11-72H923 fragments159806Proximal
AC023841RP11-565L312 fragments161297Proximal
AC067967 RP11-363H6 Finished 41972 SEPP1 Proximal
AC017061 RP11-353D5 8 fragments 172403 SLC26A7 Distal
AC027374RP11-656D124 fragments202856 SLC26A7 Distal
AC020783RP11-16M23 fragments156973Chromosome 8p22
AF268619RP11-122C213 fragments152233Distal
AC015952RP11-1B107 fragments166991Chromosome 5q14