Table 3

The outcome of cardiac intervention in patients with Williams syndrome (n=17)

Heart defectNoAge at intervention (median y, range)Type of interventionNoFollow up time (median y, range)Outcome(No)
SVAS711.0 (3.1–45)Aortoplasty cum coretex patch59.7 (5–15)No restennosis(2)
Mild restenosis(2)
Aortic valve insufficiency(1)
Aortoplasty am Brom12Aortic valve insufficiency(1)
Aortoplasty cum coretex patch, resection musculorum110Aortic valve insufficiency(1)
SVAS+PAS21.7 (0.5–6.0)MPA angioplasty18No result, recovery of PAS, SVAS followed(1)
Aortoplasty cum coretex patch, reconstruction MPA, LPA, RPA cum coretex11LPA stenosis, aortic valve insufficiency(1)
PAS30.8 (0.4–2.5)Reconstruction MPA, LPA, RPA cum homograft, secclusio ASD,24 (3–8)Mild restenosis(2)
RPA angioplasty18No result, spontaneous recovery(1)
SVAS+PAS+Coa+CMP40.2 (0.1–0.4)Aortoplasty cum coretex, resection arcus ao distalis et anastomosis end to end, reconstruction MPA, LPA, RPA15Mild recoarctation(1)
Reconstructio arcus ao cum subclavian flap, angioplasty arcus aortae postoperativa17Moderate recoarctation(1)
Aortoplasty cum subclavian flap14Mild recoarctation and PAS(1)
Angioplasty of PAS and SVAS113Moderate SVAS(1)
Tetralogy of Fallot11.3Secclusio VSD, reconstruction MPA, LPA, RPA cum pericardial patch13Mild PAS(1)