Table 17

Malformations found in addition to vaginal agenesis in FS females

AuthorVaginal malformationsGastrointestinal malformationsRenal malformationsCardiac malformationsOther
9Vaginal atresiaAnal atresiaL renal agenesisDeafness
16Vaginal atresiaAnal stenosisR renal dystopiaBicornuate uterus
24Vaginal atresiaRectal atresiaPelvic kidneyChoanal atresia
32Vaginal atresiaRenal cysts
36Vaginal atresiaImperforate anusEbstein anomalyBicornuate uterus
50Vaginal atresiaSib with renal cystsAtrial septal defectDeafness
41Vaginal atresiaBilateral renal agenesisBicornuate uterus/choanal atresia