Table 2

Subtelomeric copy number changes identified in patients

SampleChangeABI reported as (p value)ALF reported as (p value)Dosage PCR p value
Multiplex p values are from one tailed hypothesis testing of difference from the mean.
*A retest was flagged at such a high p value because the 3p probe gave noisy results in this experiment.
B58q+Retest (0.152)Retest (0.0363)0.055
A164p−Retest (0.0033)Retest (0.197)0.049
B13p+Retest (0.013)Retest (0.168)0.063
B116q−Retest (0.00263)Positive (4.18×10−6)0.048
A147q−Positive (4.83×10−6)Retest (0.00069)0.029
B73p+Retest (0.785)*Retest (0.112)0.0039