Table 2

Screening for eight candidate MSI target genes was performed in MSI positive CRCs. Primer sequences, length of PCR fragments, annealing temperatures, and MgCl2 concentrations are listed. Genes marked with • are from the search with keywords related to cancer, and genes marked with * from the tumour suppressor homology search

Gene (repeat) (GenBank accession No)FunctionPrimer sequenceLength of PCR fragment (bp)Annealing °CMgCl2 (mmol/ l)Mutations
BCL10 (T7)Apoptotic signalling geneF: agc cac gaa caa cct ctc c240591.250/29=0%
(AF097732)•R: tgt aga tct ggt ggc aaa gg
PTP-BAS (A8)Protein tyrosine phosphataseF: tgg gat ttc tgt cca tca aag250612.50/30=0%
(D21209)•R: caa cga cga tat gtg gca gt
CtIP (A9)CtBP (phosphoprotein) binding proteinF: ttg tcc cct tct ctt tta cag c274612.525/109=22.9%
(U72066)•R: ggg gct cca aat gtt tat ca
BAI1 (C7)Brain specific angiogenesis inhibitorF: tct gcg tgt cct cct cct ac346592.50/30=0%
(NM_001702)*R: agg gca atg ttg cag aac tt
P73 (C6)p53 related proteinF: gct gat gag gac cac tac cg484592.50/30=0%
(AF077616)*R: ctt cac acc ggc acc aag
GIOT-2 (T7)Transcription repressorF: cgc tgg aaa gaa acc cta tg221571.250/29=0%
(AB021642)*R: aaa cag gga agg ctt tag aac a
PAIP (T6)Polyadenylate binding protein interacting proteinF: taa gcc cca ggt ggt tgt ag228612.50/30=0%
(AF013758)*R: caa cca ttc agg gtc tct gc
RIP3 (A6)Receptor interacting serine/threonine kinaseF: tat ccc aga gtc agg cca ag221592.50/30=0%
(NM_006871)*R: ctg aag atg tgc ctg ctg tc