Table 4

Extraocular phenotypes

Case NoEye categoryDiagnosisFeatures
33OFCDMicrophthalmia (bilateral), macrocephaly, round face, tall forehead, medial flaring of eyebrows, Cupid's bow mouth, long philtrum, postaxial polydactyly, palmar pit (right), no falx calcification
39OFCDColoboma (bilateral), iris hypoplasia/aniridia, cataracts (bilateral), hypospadias, longish philtrum
47OFCDAnophthalmia (left), microphthalmia (right), low set ears, doll-like features, cerebral atrophy, hearing loss (bilateral), short stature, macrocephaly
50UnclassifiableMicrophthalmia (left), ear tag, preauricular pit, epicanthus, capillary haemangioma scalp (left), arachnoid cyst, scoliosis, 2/3 syndactyly toes
53UnclassifiableMicrophthalmia (bilateral), inguinal hernia (right), microcephaly, short stature
58OFCDMicrophthalmia (bilateral), microcephaly (postnatal onset), deep set eyes, prominent philtrum, pulmonary valve stenosis (mild)
62OFCDAicardi-likeColoboma (right), microphthalmia (left), smooth philtrum, 4/5 syndactyly hand, sparse hair, broad toes, agenesis of corpus callosum, ptosis,
63OFCDHeminasal aplasiaMicrophthalmia (bilateral), nasolacrimal duct, severe nasal hypoplasia, pyloric stenosis, small VSD, small mouth, no intracranial abnormality, asymmetrical vomer, asymmetrical hard palate
67UnclassifiableHeminasal aplasiaAnophthalmia (left), hydrocephalus, bilateral radial aplasia, congenital dislocation of the hip (right), choanal atresia (left), low set ears, posteriorly angulated ears, oligodactyly (bilateral upper limbs), proboscis
75OFCDColoboma (right), microphthalmia (left), patent ductus arteriosus, prominent columella, pectus excavatum, maxillary hypoplasia, narrowed aortic arch, 46,XY, laterally sparse eyebrows, limited movement of thumbs
90OFCDMicrophthalmia (bilateral), patent ductus arteriosis, low set ear (left), broad nasal root, ptosis (left)
94OFCDMicrophthalmia (bilateral), notched alae nasi, short philtrum, deep set eyes, low set ears, ataxic diplegia, clinodactyly, prominent chin, posteriorly angulated ears, large joint contractures, kyphoscoliosis, sloping shoulders, unusual fat distribution upper chest, microcephaly
97OFCDMicrophthalmia (bilateral), hypotonia, ?ataxic, pharyngoplasty, brachydactyly 4/5 UL, deafness (?type), dysplastic ears, partially virilised
109OFCDMicrophthalmia (bilateral), cryptorchidism, low set ears, posteriorly angulated ears, small mouth
117UnclassifiableAnophthalmia (left), microphthalmia (right, extreme), microcephaly, pinched nasal alae, deep set eyes
162OFCDColoboma (left), cataract (left), calcaneo-navicular bar, VSD (required surgery), facially non-dysmorphic, ?rotation of the optic fissure
166UnclassifiableAnophthalmia (right), notched alae nasi, smooth philtrum, cleft palate, hypertelorism, 46,XX, broad nasal root, flattened nasal tip, short columella, coarse appearance
199UnclassifiableMicrophthalmia (bilateral), hip subluxation (right), pyloric stenosis, patent ductus arteriosis, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, corneal opacification (bilateral), cataracts (bilateral), mother rubella immune, deep set eyes, prominent chin
210UnclassifiableMicrophthalmia (right), umbilical herniae, inguinal hernia right, skin lumps, IUGR
213UnclassifiableHeminasal aplasiaMicrophthalmia (left), seizure disorder, proboscis (removed), ophthalmic encephalocele (left), coloboma of upper lid (left), notched alae nasae (left),
224OFCDMicrophthalmia (right), downward slanting palpebral fissures, prominent ear lobules, small mouth, pectus carinatum, lateral flaring of eyebrows, undecended testes, short stature, failure to thrive, normal cardiac echo, systolic murmur, delayed bone age, widely spaced nipples
232OFCDColoboma (left), cleft palate only, inguinal hernia (left), cryptorchidism, small mouth, downward slanting palpebral fissures, zygomatic hypoplasia, undermineralised teeth, 2/3 syndactyly (mild), long palpebral fissures, prominent philtrum, smooth philtrum
234OFCDColoboma (bilateral), seizure disorder (absences), broad nasal root (slight), prominent nasal root (slight), posteriorly angulated ears, low set ears
238OFCDVCFS phenocopyColoboma (right), tetralogy of Fallot, nasal speech, upward slanting palpebral fissures, small mouth, high birth weight, learning disability, no arachnodactyly, heterochromia
239UnclassifiableAnophthalmia (left), hydrocephalus (left), cortical malformation (left), prominent premaxilla, low set ear (left), seizure disorder, hemiplegia (right), eye brows flared medially
242OFCDColoboma (right), non-dysmorphic, discharging sinus on bridge of nose
267OFCDProband from family 3Microphthalmia (bilateral), hypospadias, hypoplastic femoral condyles, fixed flexion deformity of knees
275UnclassifiableVery unusual “coloboma” at 2 o'clock (right), epibulbar dermoid
284Non-OFCDMicrophthalmia (bilateral), anterior segment dysgenesis, obese, ptosis (left), non-dysmorphic, large ear lobule, hypoplasia of alae nasae (left, slight)
299UnclassifiableMicrophthalmia (bilateral), cleft lip and palate (bilateral), no renal problems, deep set eyes, pericentric inversion of 9 (inherited)
324OFCDColoboma (right), subaortic stenosis, inguinal hernia (left), non-dysmorphic, seizure disorder