Table 1

Main clinical features of patients with insulin dependent neonatal diabetes (ND)

Clinical featuresABCDEFGI3I4JKM*NO
Tr=transient ND; P=permanent ND; na=not available.
*Patient M developed non-insulin dependent diabetes at 18 years of age with hyperglycaemia controlled by oral sulphonylurea.
†Duration of insulin therapy in transient ND; d=days, mth=months; T1D=type 1 diabetes in the paternal branch for patients D, I3, and I4 and in the maternal grandparents for patients C and K; T2D=type 2 diabetes in the maternal grandparents for the transient ND patients.
‡Case O, is subject O7 of a multiplex family with insulin dependent diabetes appearing before 6 months of age (see pedigree in fig 2[f2].
§Congenital birth anomalies degree of severity: (−)=absent, (+)=moderate mild, (++)=marked with a combination of more than two organs affected, details in table 2[t2].
Birth weight (g)167021902800260017501960na1900202018403200160031603050
Age at diagnosis13 d5 d2 d2 d1 dna5 d1 d1 d1 d26 d6 dna6 mth
Diabetes formTrTrTrPTrTrPPPTrTrTrTrP
Insulin†12 d5 mth2.5 mth4 mth4.5 mth3.5 mth13 mth5 mthna
Family diabetes historyT1DT1DT1DT1DT1Dyes‡
Congenital birth anomalies§+++++++++++++