Table 2

Polymorphisms in human CRYGA-CRYGD genes in subjects of Indian origin

Genebp (Acc No)cDNA; aaFrequency
*Reported previously.22
†An additional set of seven samples from another source.
Nomenclature: A of the ATG start codon is counted as nt 1; Met encoded by the start codon is counted as amino acid 1; exceptionally in the γD-crystallin, the first Met is not present.24
CRYGA Intron A198G→A (M17315)IVS1+82G→A; non-coding5/10
Exon 3196T→C (M17316)443C→T; L148P10/10
CRYGB Promoter2104T→C (M19364)*−47T→C; non-coding5/10
Exon 22437C→T (M19364)*192C→T; P64P6/10
2463G→T (M19364)218G→T; S73I2/10
Exon 35372A→G (M19364)312A→G; S104S1/10
5391C→A (M19364)331C→A; L111I4/10
3`-UTR5641T→C (M19364)580T→C; non-coding1/10
CRYGC Exon 218542C→T (M19364)33C→T; A11A1/17†
18652G→A (M19364)143A→G; R48H3/17†
CRYGD Exon 2286T→C (KO3005)*51T→C; Y16Y5/10
Intron B517T→C (K03005)IVS2+30T→C; non-coding11/11
Exon 374G→A (KO3006)285G→A; R94R7/12
92A→G (KO3006)303A→G; Q100Q12/12
93G→A (KO3006)304G→A; V101M12/12
3`-UTR326C→T (K03006)537C→T; non-coding6/12
353A→T (K03006)564A→T; non-coding2/12