Table 2

Clinical data and status of SPINK1 mutations in the study population

TCP with diabetes (FCPD)TCP without diabetesTotal
WT=wild type.
*One patient was found to be a compound heterozygote for N34S and P55S mutations.
Number24 (17 M/7 F)44 (29 M/15 F)68 (46 M/22 F)
Age at onset (median, range, 95% CI)35.0 y (27.6-40.2)21.0 y (19.9-27.1)24.0 y (23.8-30.5)
Age at presentation (median, range, 95% CI)44.0 y (39.3-49.3)26.0 y (25.7-33.0)33.5 y (31.3-38.0)
SPINK1 mutation122032