Table 2

DNA markers used for PCR analysis of SMS deletion interval

MarkerSequence nameLocation*HeterozygosityProduct size (bp)Label
Data obtained from GDBTM Human Genome Database (database online).
*Potocki et al.3
D17S1857AFM357yg9a/mDistal to common deletion65.0%177–187HEX
D17S2206YL63-64Within deletion, distal to middle SMS-REP91.7%*141–1656-FAM
D17S2207YL601-602Within deletion, distal to middle SMS-REP42.0%*135–155HEX
D17S805AFM234ta1a/mWithin deletion, proximal to middle SMS-REP58.8%216–2286-FAM
D17S841AFM238vb10a/mProximal to common deletion65.4%253–273HEX