Table 3

Maximum likelihood frequencies of allelic combinations. Comparisons of ratios between the frequency of TNFα -308A+C4A*Q0 allelic combinations with that of TNFα -308A without C4A*Q0 alleles, and with that of TNFα -308G + C4A*Q0 alleles in cases and controls. The same comparisons with the TNFα-238A, C4A*6, and TNFα-238G allelic combinations

Frequency in casesRatio in casesFrequency in controlsRatio in controlspOdds ratio (95%CI)
(A) TNFα-308A + C4A*Q08%3.8%0.0052.2 (1.3–3.8)
(B) TNFα-308A + no C4A*Q06.8%10.5%0.040.6 (0.4–0.9)
(C) TNFα-308G + C4A*Q07.1%8.5%0.50.8 (0.5–1.3)
(A/B)1.180.360.00053.2 (1.7–6.3)
(A/C)1.130.450.0082.5 (1.3–4.9)
(D) TNFα-238A + C4A*63.3%0.8%0.0094.2 (1.4–12.3)
(E) TNFα-238A + no C4A*61.6%3.2%0.10.5 (0.2–1.1)
(F) TNFα-238G+ C4A*61.3%1.4%1.00.9 (0.3–2.5)
(D/E) (2.2–31.7)
(D/F) (1.0–20.1)