Table 2

Genotype and allele frequencies in patients with CAD undergoing CABG (n=318) and in controls (n=248)

StatusGenotype frequency 11/12/22* (%)Allele 2 frequency (% (SE))
*2 represents the allele under consideration, 1 codes for all other alleles.
†Deviation from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (χ2=12.41, p=0.0004). The frequency of the homozygous carriers of the C4B*Q0 in CAD patients differs significantly from that of controls (p=0.02, odds ratio=3.8 (95% confidence interval 1.2–13.2). The frequency of the C4B*Q0 allele is different in cases and in controls (p=0.02, OR=1.5 (1.0–2.1)).
TNFα -238ACases90.2/9.8/0.04.9 (1.7)
Controls90.7/9.3/0.04.6 (1.8)
TNFα -308ACases72.0/25.2/2.815.4 (2.9)
Controls72.9/26.2/0.913.9 (3.1)
Bf*FCases64.2/31.4/4.420.4 (3.2)
Control69.5/27.3/3.217.0 (3.3)
C4A*Q0Cases73.9/24.5/1.613.8 (2.7)
Controls70.9/27.4/1.715.6 (3.3)
C4A*6Cases91.5/7.9/0.64.6 (1.7)
Controls95.6/4.4/0.02.2 (1.3)
C4B*Q0Cases76.1/19.5/4.4†14.2 (2.8)†
Controls81.5/17.3/1.29.9 (2.7)