Table 4

Comparison of the HOX genes allelic variants in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and various controls

Groups95% confidence intervals (CI)Significance*
*If the zero is included in a CI, frequency of the variant is not significantly different from the two compared groups.
HOXA1 (A/G allele)
    ASD (current study) & control (current study)−29% to 16%Not significant
    ASD (current study) & control (Ingram et al26)−10% to 25%Not significant
    ASD (current study) & ASD (Ingram et al26)−28% to 12%Not significant
HOXB1 (+/INS allele)
    ASD (current study) & control (current study)−34% to 13%Not significant
    ASD (current study) & control (Ingram et al26)−26% to 10%Not significant
    ASD (current study) & ASD (Ingram et al26)−37% to 4%Not significant