Table 1

Karyotypes and clinical findings of the patients and family members with dup 8p23.1

FamilyCaseKaryotypeDev delayCardiacShort statureHypotoniaOther
I1 proband46,XY,dup(8)(p23p23)pat++Ulnar synostosis, craniostenosis
2 father of proband46,XY,dup(8)(p23p23)Phenotypically normal
II146,XY,dup(8)(p23p23)?+ Aortic atresia, endocardial fibroelastosis, congestive heart failure?Mild organomegaly
Death in neonatal period
Parental chromosomes not analysed
III1 sib of 2, 346,XY++Pervasive developmental disorder, unusual facies
2 sib of 1, twin of 346,XX,dup(8)(p23.1p23.1)mat++ Systolic murmur+Unusual facies; murmur resolved at age 10
3 sib of 1, twin of 246,XY,dup(8)(p23.1p23.1)mat++?Autistic-like features, aggressive behaviour, unusual facies
4 mother of 1, 2, 346,XX,dup(8)(p23.1.p23.1)??+?Multiple miscarriages, graduated high school
IV1 proband46,XY,dup(8)(p23.1p23.1)pat, del(15)(q11q13)+??+Features consistent with Prader-Willi syndrome
2 father of proband46,XY,dup(8)(p23.1p23.1)+ Atrial fibrillation?
V146,XY,dup(8)(p23.1p23.1)?+ Hypoplastic left heart syndrome??Death in neonatal period
Parental chromosomes normal
VI146,XY,dup(8)(p23.1p23.1)+?+Gastro-oesophageal reflux, unusual facies
Parental chromosomes normal
VII1 proband46,XY,invdup(8)(p23.1p23.1)
 mat+???Seizure disorder, scoliosis, facial dysmorphism
2 mother of proband46,XX,invdup(8)(p23.1p23.1)????No information available
VIII1 proband46,XY,dup(8)(p23.1p23.1)mat+Autistic-like features, developmental delay
2 mother of proband46,XX,dup(8)(p23.1p23.1)Phenotypically normal