Table 1

Group characteristics of 134 participants

DNA testCarriers (n=46)Non-carriers (n=88)p
*Chi-square test; †t test; ‡Mann-Whitney test.
§Seven DNA results not yet known at time of neuropsychological assessment (NPA).
¶Two missing.
Gender, M/F16/3040/480.23*
Age at NPA, mean (range), years39 (21–66)42 (18–64)0.16†
    Less than secondary school4 (9%)6 (7%)
    Secondary school29 (63%)56 (64%)0.78‡
    Higher than secondary school/university13 (28%)26 (30%)
Number of CAG repeats, median (range)43 (39–51)19 (14–34)
Age in years at DNA result, mean (range)39 (18–62)36 (18–62)0.09†
Time interval in months between DNA result and first NPA (n=127§), median (range)43 (1–60)36 (0–61) 0.02‡
History of depression, yes/no¶14/3018/700.15*
Use of neuroleptics0.15*
    Antidepressive drugs2 (4%)4 (5%)
    Anxiolytic drugs3 (7%)