Table 1

Types of isolated minor and major malformations

Minor malformations
    Cardiopathies, small ASD1
    Multiple cutaneous haemangiomata (single  haemangioma not included)5
    Congenital cataract1
    Malformed nose1
    Bilateral club feet2
    Preauricular appendix2
    Sacral dimple3
    Postaxial polydactyly1
    Bifid uvula1
    Hypospadias grade II3
    Syndactyly fingers II–III1
    Pectus carinatum1
    Branchial cyst1
Total29 (1.66%)
Major malformations
    Sensorineural deafness/autoimmune thrombocytopenia1
    Right congenital deafness1
    Congenital hypothyroidism with ectopic sublingual thyroid1
    Oesophageal atresia1
    Urological malformations
        PUJ stenosis3
        VUJ stenosis1
        Vesicoureteral reflux Grade II1
            Grade III–IV9
        Ureter duplex with partial multicystic kidney1
        Ureter duplex1
    Congenital chylothorax2
    Familial megalencephaly - hypotonia1
    Duane anomaly1
        Critical pulmonary stenosis (PS)1
        Critical aortic stenosis (AS)1
        Double outlet right ventricle with ventricular   septal defect (DORV-VSD)1
        Multiple atrial and ventricular septal defects   (ASD-VSD)1
        Large atrial septal defect (ASD)1
        Ventricular septal defect (VSD)7
        ASDII-VSD (single kidney)1
    Aneurysma vena of Galen1
    Macrocrania - bifrontal hygroma1
    Macrocrania - bilateral postaxial polydactyly1
    Cleft palate with bifid uvula1
    Cleft lip1
    Jejunal atresia/IgG2 defiency1
Total44 (2.45%)