Table 2

Cancers in eligible families

FamilyLFLBreast cancerOsteosarcoma (age)Other sarcomaOther LFS spectrum cancersOther cancers
Cancers are those in the sarcoma patient and breast cancer patient and in their first degree relatives.
*Indicates subject tested. †Individual multiple primaries in a single person in a family (eg family 2252 contains a female with bilateral breast cancer aged 26 and 40 and a leiomyosarcoma aged 49 years); 45/50 indicates bilateral disease. ‡Indicates only family with proven TP53 germline mutation. Numbered families are those classified as LFL, which are also previously published.
729Yes42*, 52Femur 9
2063Yes47/49*, 58Femur 13
ANo51*†Femur 15Ovary 59*†
BNo42*†, 3248Cervix 35*†
CNo34*†Abdomen 66*†BCC 67*†
DNo55*Fibrosarcoma 67Colon 42, RCC 39
ENo55*†Femur 18Melanoma 31*†
FNo35*†Radius 40*†
GNo29*, 40†Abdomen 45†
HNo31*Uterus 62
INo38*†Femur 18*†
JNo42*, 62Humerus 2
KNo45/54*†, 73Synovial 27Oesophagus 57*†
LNo30, 44*†Pelvis 55*†
MNo39*†Fibrosarcoma 33*†
NNo37*†Femur 15*†
2252‡Yes25, 26/40*†Leiomyosarcoma buttock 49*†Glioblastoma 15, PNET 10,Abdominal malignancy 23
338Yes36/44*†Chondrosarcoma 35*†PNET 7
80Yes35*†, 29, 60Liposarcoma 30*Ovary 51, rectal 44
328Yes4516*Glioma 56
1799Yes37*†Soft tissue 37*†Stomach 48, 42