Table 3

Results of the study group compared with chromosomal anomalies in women with positive triple test (unpublished data)

Normal karyotype3-150
Abnormal karyotype3-151 (n=1316)
No%95% CINo%95% CI
MCA/MR syndromes3-152 171.951.03–2.88
Chromosomal anomalies3-153 292.21.41–3.00
  • 3-150 Normal karyotype: 868 lifeborn children after amniocentesis with normal karyotype and normal amniotic fluid AFP for maternal serum positive triple test.

  • 3-151 Abnormal karyotype: 1316 women in a two year period with amniotic fluid sampling for maternal serum positive triple test.

  • 3-152 MCA/MR syndromes: multiple congenital anomaly syndromes (table2[t2]) or complex malformations.

  • 3-153 Chromosomal anomalies: all unbalanced structural or numerical autosomal anomalies (exclusion of sex chromosomal anomalies and balanced translocations).