Table 3

Prenatal counselling/diagnosis

CouplePrevious childFamily already genotypedFamily§Gene*Previous † major event in the familyPregnancy during procedureNew pregnancy during FUFollow up (FU in months)Prenatal testing‡Abortion‡
*MYH7: beta myosin heavy chain; MYBPC3: cardiac myosin binding protein C; TNNI3: cardiac troponin I.
†At least one premature sudden death or one heart transplantation related to HCM.
‡Related to the pregnancy during the procedure or during follow-up.
§Letters do not correspond to those in other tables.
FU, follow up.
1NoYesA MYH7 YesYes?30NoNo
2NoYesA MYH7 YesYes?30NoNo
3Yes (2)NoBNoNoYes29NoNo
4NoYesC MYH7 YesNoYes29NoNo
5NoYesC MYH7 YesYesYes26NoNo
6NoYesC MYH7 YesNo?20
7Yes (1)NoDYesNo?20
8Yes (2)YesE MYBPC3 YesNo?16
10NoYesG MYH7 NoNoNo8
11NoYesH MYBPC3 NoNoNo8
12NoYesI MYBPC3 NoYesNo7NoNo
13Yes (1)YesE MYBPC3 YesNoNo6
14NoYesJ MYH7 NoNoYes6
16Yes (1)NoLYesYesYes26NoNo
18YesYesN TNNI3 YesNoNo20
19NoYesO MYH7 YesNoNo5
21YesYesQ MYH7 YesNoNo3
22NoYesR MYBPC3 NoNoNo1