Table 2

Presymptomatic diagnosis in children

CouplesNo of childrenAge of childrenFamily§Family already genotypedGene*Previous major† event in the familyProcedure after step 1Adverse psychological effect/FU
*MYH7: beta myosin heavy chain; MYBPC3: cardiac myosin binding protein C.
†At least one premature sudden death or one heart transplantation related to HCM.
‡A mutation was found.
§Letters do not correspond to those in other tables.
FU, follow up.
1213 y, 14 yAYes MYH7 NoStopped
2215 mth, 9 yBYes MYH7 YesStopped
326 y, 12 yBYes MYH7 YesStopped
4114 yCYes MYBPC3 NoStopped
518 yDYes MYBPC3 YesStopped
622 y, 3 yDYes MYBPC3 YesStopped
7114 yEYes MYBPC3 YesStopped
8116 yFYes MYH7 NoContinued‡Yes
9114 yGYes MYBPC3 NoStopped