Table 4

Extent of chromosomal rearrangements

Patients Abnormality Size of monosomy4-150 Size of trisomy4-150
11q monosomy14 cM (bp: 962B9)15 cM (bp: 780D6)
12p trisomy
26q monosomy0 cM (bp: 770E8)>11 cM (702E11−; 872G3+)
19p trisomy
39p monosomy27 cM (762D7−; 830F3+)31 cM (bp: 794G5)
13q trisomy
416q monosomy4 cM (792E1+)<11 cM (702E11+)
19p trisomy
55p monosomy18 cM (bp: 941A2)25 cM (bp: 776G9)
4p trisomy
610q monosomy16.7 cM (943C4+; 745C10−)12 cM (bp: 738H1)
16q trisomy
72q monosomy12 cM (D2S336+; D2S338−)
817q monosomy<14 cM (659G5+)
96q monosomy>20 cM (D6S1581+; D6S305−)
103q monosomy<2 cM (768C10+)
111q monosomy<12 cM (bp: 835D8)
129q monosomy<7 cM (951B12+)
1311p monosomy<3 cM (892G9+; D11S4046+)
  • 4-150 In brackets are the YACs or the microsatellites flanking the breakpoint or at the breakpoint (bp).