Table 3

Auxological data of matUPD(7) and non-matUPD(7) SRS patients

matUPD(7) patientBirth2 yearsLast evaluation/before GH treatmentExpected heightYears bone age delayed (chronological age)
Length (SD)Weight (SD)OFC (SD)Height (SD)Weight (%)Height (SD)Weight (%)OFC (SD)Age
I−4.0−3.6−1.5−4.3−20−3.1+46+28.5 y+0.62.3 y (4.8 y)
II−3.4−2.2−2.0−3.0−28−3.1−22−1.53.2 y+0.91.3 y (3.2 y)
III−3.5−2.60−3.8−20−3.6−20+12.8 y−0.40 y (2.0 y)
IV−4.6−3.4−2.0−6.0−28−4.8−28−0.54.4 y−0.42.6 y (3.8 y)
Non-matUPD(7) SRS patients average (n=28)−4.5−3.6−0.7−4.0−23−3.7−20NE5.6 y0.01.6 y (6.9 y)
  • GH = growth hormone, OFC = occipitofrontal circumference, SD = standard deviation from the mean, % = relative weight for height, NE = not evaluated.