Table 3

Summary of microsatellite and quantitative PCR results

D5S299 D5S82 D5S122 APC
exon 8
exon 15A
exon 15D
exon 15F
D5S346 MCC D5S318
Family 1HomHetHom1 copy1 copy1 copy1 copyHomHetHet
Family 2HetHetHom1 copy1 copy1 copy1 copyHomHomHet
Family 3HetHetHom1 copy1 copy1 copy1 copyHetHetHet
Family 4HetHetHom2 copies1 copy1 copy1 copyHetHomHet
Cytogenetic deletionHomHomHom1 copy1 copy1 copy1 copyHetHomHom
  • Hom = homozygous at locus, Het = heterozygous at locus. The order of the markers and exons is 5′ of APCto 3′ of APC.