Table 1

Results of molecular genetic investigations

Primer Locus cM Alleles SMC Origin of alleles
D1S220p31.182.50bb,ab,acNPMat iso
D1S216p22.293.20bb,bd,acNPMat iso
D1S2746p13.2115.57ac,ac,bbbMat het
D1S2687p13.1117.79bc,bc,aaaMat het
D1S189p13119.39cc,ac,bbbMat iso
D1S252p12122.73cc,ac,bcbMat iso
D1S2669p12124.35bb,ab,bbbMat iso
cen, D1Z5cen128.0NPNPNP
D1S1656q42.2244.98bc,-,adNPMat het
D1S180q44260.62ab,ab,cdNPMat het
  • The alleles are given in the order patient, mother, father. Allele designations (a-d) are arbitrary. Genetic mapping according to the sex averaged linkage map by the Genetic Location Database (LDB). Mat=maternal, iso=isodisomy, NP=not performed, NI=not informative.