Table 2

Allele and genotype frequencies at the APOE locus in necropsy confirmed AD cases and non-demented elderly controls. APOE alleles were differently distributed in cases and controls (χ2 2=78, p<0.001). APOE ε4 carriers had an odds ratio for disease of 4.87 (95% CI 3.38–7.01, χ2 1=77, p<0.001) compared to non-carriers. Genotype frequencies were significantly different in cases v controls (χ2 5=94, p<0.001)

Controls % Cases % Odds ratios with 95% CI
Allele ε270101530.36 (0.20–0.64)
Allele ε353779318671
Allele ε47711145303.18 (2.33–4.33)
Genotype ε2/210.310.42.20 (0.13–35.47)
Genotype ε2/35616630.24 (0.10–0.56)
Genotype ε2/4124731.28 (0.50–3.35)
Genotype ε3/32136297411
Genotype ε3/45516118494.71 (3.16–7.03)
Genotype ε4/4511044.39 (1.46–13.19)