Table 4

Transient ischaemic attacks in AFD carriers

Case No Age (years) Signs and symptoms
154Arm weakness, migraine headaches
268Arm weakness
323Diplopia lasting minutes, ∼6/year
455Arm and face weakness lasting minutes
566Face weakness, loss of speech
633Diplopia, arm weakness × 2 lasting minutes
759Diplopia frequent, blindness for 45 minutes, ∼4/year, migraine headaches
859Diplopia, arm weakness
932Unilateral facial palsy × 2, dysarthria lasting ∼30 minutes, ipsilateral numbness UL
1169Arm weakness lasting minutes
1270Diplopia at 50 y × 2, blurred vision, dizziness, blindness lasting ∼1 minute
1352Arm weakness, blindness lasting ∼1 minute
1538Blurred vision, migraine headaches
1645Diplopia, migraine headaches
1739Unilateral weakness UL+LL lasting hours
1855Weak and stiff joints
1945Weak, hot, and swollen leg and shoulders
2056Fibromyalgia, heavy legs often unable to bear weight
2130No description given
2242No description given
2344No description given
  • Signs and symptoms of TIAs reported by AFD carriers. UL, upper limbs; LL, lower limbs.